Creating a Path of Improvement and Independence for Your Child
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Intensive Behavioral Health Services

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Our IBHS services are provided within the home and community to support the acquisition and transfer of skills naturally. 

Educational Services

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GAMUT provides you with experienced and reliable staff, including skilled behavior analysts, ensuring that you receive the attention, recommendations, and results you and your students need.

Contact Us For Inquires Or General Questions

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Invest in your child's future with GAMUT Behavioral Services. Because every child deserves the best start!


Create a Comprehensive Continuum of Care that supports individuals and their families impacted by Autism and other behavioral disorders throughout their lifespan.


Dedication to working in conjunction and collaboratively with support services and medical professionals to ensure key components of individualized interventions are assessed and delivered. Committed to providing comprehensive training to clinicians so they may deliver high-quality, individualized care to each client and their family.