Intensive Behavioral Health Services

What We Do

At GAMUT Behavioral Services, we provide expert ABA consultation and treatment to ensure meaningful, life-changing improvements in the lives of our clients. We are an innovative, supportive company that seeks to foster growth and outstanding clinical practice.

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A licensed clinician will meet with you to complete a thorough evaluation, including an in-depth interview and observations across two environments using a variety of industry tools.

Individualized Treatment Plan

A licensed clinician will develop an individualized treatment plan for each child in our care to ensure that skills most important to their independence are focused on.

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In-home / Community-Based Services

In-home and/or community-based services will allow for continuity of support to increase coping mechanisms, develop skills, stabilize and maintain maximum functioning with self-help skills, executive functioning, home participation (meal prep, chores, etc.), recreational and leisure activities, socialization in the home and community (respecting boundaries, perspective taking, engaging with family members, conversation skills, etc.), public safety (street safety, stranger danger/awareness, etc.).

Caregiver Support Services

Caregiver involvement is crucial to the maintenance, generalization and transfer of skills. As a result, caregiver support will be provided to all caregivers. Expectations and responsibilities will be defined and agreed upon by the caregiver and the clinician prior to the start of services.

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Provider Collaboration

GAMUT believes working in conjunction and collaboratively with support services and medical professionals is important to ensure key components of each child's individualized interventions are delivered to the highest quality.